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According to the philosophy of "Turismo Milodon" incentive travel have the benefit of being an experience: unique and unrepeatable, memorable and most importantly that lasts over time, which a bonus or gift can't achieve.

In every incentive trip organized by Turismo Milodon clearly reinforce the brand and corporate values of the company concerned.

In recent years, Chile has developed into a growing destination for this type of travel due to several factors such as: the variety of natural attractions, safety, economic stability, wonderful cities, an excellent hotel infrastructure, excellent wines, varied cuisine and its wide range of activities that can be performed on each area of this long and narrow country called Chile.

Our department receptive, offers incentive trips neatly organized and custom. Get to know our services and products in the main tourist destinations, accompanied by the best advice, so that you can implement one of the most effective weapons used by companies worldwide to motivate their workers.
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