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Nomads - Ultimate Fly-Fishing

Regardless of any difficulties of access, reaching each and every fly-fishing spot within our wide range is a must.

Owing to flexible planning, we can tackle those changeable conditions associated with water levels, meteorology and/or fish behavior.

The highly advanced technology of our equipment enables us to cater for an array of fly-fishing options during the same trip. Anglers may fish a wide variety of water structures; from crystal clear rivers with varied flows, winding inlets and spring creeks, lakes or lagoons, surrounded by exquisite vegetation, as well as the always amazing inter-tidal sections.

The program consists of daily outings led by trained guides, one for every two anglers, who can stalk fish and suggest the most appropriate casting and presentation techniques.

Moreover, they have skills regarding environmental interpretation and wildlife behavior.

Daily transport relies on a customized structure based on a helicopter, jet boats, zodiac R.I.B.s and smaller specialized boats. Daily multiple itineraries via heli-fishing, heli-zodiac and heli-drift tours constitute the features among the various adventure options.



Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

- Open bar (except Licors Premium)

- All activities on-board (sauna, jacuzzi, etc.)

- Double or single cabin according to reservation

- Flyfishing every day according to timetable

- Whale watching every day and wildlife excursions according to timetable

- Free transfers during the journey in Puerto Montt

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