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Nomads - Wildlife Adventures

This program presents stimulating outdoor activities with a unique scientific focus. Experts guide the wildlife excursions sharing information and facts about the different species. These expeditions combine a wide range of activities such as whale watching, bird watching, nature photography and an array of outdoor activities created for explorers interested in actively admiring the natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia, as seen from a fresh angle. The invitation is to experience the scenery with a unique perspective: the thrill of jet-boating or rafting, the charm of kayaking and trekking through Patagonia.



The Chilean coast includes more than 50% of the cetacean species on the planet. Being fully aware of the endless wonders offered by the least known area of Chilean Patagonia, Nomads of the Seas has created the first scientific whale-watching program in the country, directed by a team of qualified marine biologist guides and based on a true commitment to environmental protection and principles of solid sustainability.

Species seen in this area: Dolphins, and during February and March you may see Blue whales, humpback whales and Orcas.



Approximately 450 different bird species can be found in Chile, many of which are endemic to the region. Unlike some tropical areas, popular for their great variety of birds yet not always easily accessible, Nomads of the Seas’ ample, varied and breathtaking area offers full amenities for the identification, observation and safe, easy documentation of its amazing birdlife.

Species seen in this area: Albatross, petrel, fulmar, herons, egrets, black-faced Ibis, cormorants as well as penguins can be frequently seen throughout our journey. Also numerous species of duck, spectacular species of geese, a few species of swans and the majestic Ringed Kingfisher, among other amazing species.



We offer our guests an interesting photography program. Guided by an environmental interpreter with a sound knowledge of analogue and digital photography, as well as photographic composition among others, the tour includes an infinite variety of landscape and nature scenes, on land and at sea, as well as sea-shore.

Macro-photography is an option, both for endemic land invertebrates and flowers -among them some unique species of little orchids- as well as over those spectacular details of the forest floor we generally miss.

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